Subordinated Debentures
The principal sum and due date of each note will vary according to the arrangements with each investor.  A minimum investment of $50 and a minimum term of one month is required.

The investor may choose to have the interest earned paid or compounded quarterly.

At maturity, the Debenture will automatically be renewed at the interest rate then offered by the company for the same period of time as initially stated unless: 1) a note owner surrenders the note to the Company for payment or 2) the Company give an owner ten days prior to a maturity date, written notice to call this Note for payment.

After the first maturity date, the note is considered “liquid” and can be cashed in at any time with no penalty.

Class B Common Stock
Equity shares in a corporation may be divided into different classes of stock; the differences are described in the corporation’s charter and bylaws.

Current Investment Rates

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The offering of Idaho Farm Bureau Financial Services debentures and stock are made solely by our offering prospectus', and only to residents of the State of Idaho. These investments are not FDIC or SIPC insured bank deposit accounts.